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I have recently began my 9th grade year and I am currently 14 years old and I still go to the school Qatar Academy.


This is one of my favorite songs called It's Time by the band Imagine Dragons

These are my results for the Multiple Intelligences Test. I found that my three strongest areas are: Interpersonal, Linguistic and Kinaesthetic.

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Hey, my name is Rawan, I am 12 years old and this is my 5th year

in Qatar Academy. I have a mom, a dad and 2 sisters, one big,
one small. I'm from Lebanon and Canada and I have been living
in Qatar for 9 years! I have 10 close friends: Kinda (who is the
bestest), Sarah, Meena, Mai, Afrah, Jude, Razan, Sebastian,
Mohammed R and Nabil.
Where the Red Fern Grows
Where the Red Fern Grows

Where the Red Fern Grows

This book showed different settings of environment that Billy (the main charater) goes through.
This book showed me the different environments like the red fern that Billy found
at the end of the story. There was also the forest that Billy,his dad, his grandpa
and his dogs camped in. There there was the forest close to his house that he
always hunted in and the city town he visited to buy the dogs. Lastly, there was Billy's grandpa's
store. This shows how many different places there are in the same country that Billy stays in.

This is me and my best friend Kinda :)

I love these girls <3

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Hello everyone! Its Rawan again, I'm sorry i haven't been updating lately, I've been really busy starting grade 7, my 5th year here at Qatar Academy. Its been really tiring so far and with all the activities and sports like volleyball and the play Bugsy Malone! They've been fun so far, I'm getting ready for a competition for volleyball in ASD (American School of Doha) with my friends Afrah, Sarah, Mai etc. As for the play, Busgy has been a blast! My two friends Barbara and Rebecca and I have to be show girls, basically we dance and sing a lot in the play, its been a really great experience so far!

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My two homes. I was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but my passport is Canadian and so is my nationality.

Hey, my name is Rawan and I am 12 years old. I love track&field and football, my favorite color is blue and I am a student at Qatar Academy and this is my 4th year. My birthday is on the 29th of March and my 5 closest best friends are: Kinda, Sarah, Meena, Mai and Afrah :) I like playing video games, runnning, competeing and singing. I hope you enjoy my wiki and I will try to keep it as updated as I can. I am moving houses in about a week and I am very excited!!! I have two sisters, one's 15 and also goes to QA and the other is 2 and is being potty trained right now! Anyways, feel free to look around my wikispace, have fun!!

These are my two litle goldfish. The one on the left is Bobbie and the one on the right is Tiger. Bobbie is a girl and Tiger is a boy and we are hoping that they will have babies :)